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Convey your personality, not just numbers
Investors Pitch

Investors, especially early stage investors go by their heart more than the numbers, and to connect with them and win their heart, absolute necessary element is how you deliver presentation. With synchronized speaker video you can capture your passion and convey along with your slides, when next time your potential investor says "send me a deck".

With password protected investor pitch, and analytics to measure, 9slides makes it a perfect platform for sharing pitch to investors.

Executive Comm
Achieve greater transparency and succinct messaging across organization.
Executive Comm

As an executive your role is to communicate strategy clearly and goals for your organization in quickest possible time, in order to respond to market situation. 9slides makes helps you not only convey your message timely to the staff in house, on road or on floor, but also help you establish your leadership.

With ability to embed presentations within your existing infrastructure, without being a burden on IT , 9slides is a perfect platform for you to communicate internally or externally.

Effective training & communication helps sell you more, effectively.

Shorter sales cycles, better informed sales reps, and more time in the field are just some of the benefits delivered when organizations leverage 9slides for sales training and sales readiness. With on-demand, dynamic presentations, companies can onboard and train their reps without cutting into valuable selling time through live, formal training sessions.

Sales Training
When companies use 9slides to create on-demand sales training materials, productivity increases and operational costs drop. Reps can spend more time in the field and on the phones with informal training programs that are mobile- ready, and you can track the success of your efforts.

Customer Communications
9slides video presentations can be used to effectively communicate with customers and prospects. By replacing email follow-ups and voicemails with personalized presentations, reps can help build stronger relationships and enhance the value of their solutions.

Demand Generation
For messaging and content that will compel audiences to ‘take action’, deliver 9slides presentations in your email communications. You can track viewing behavior and add survey or poll questions to learn even more about the needs and interests of your targets, and use that information to improve sales follow-up.

Channel Sale
9slides improves your partner communications by enabling just-in-time access to sales readiness materials that your partners can use to prepare and follow up on customer meetings. On-demand presentations keep channel reps up-to-date on new products and programs, and help further accelerate the onboarding process for new partners.

Online Marketing
Create interactive demo and multi-media user manuals, available on-demand, on multiple devices..
Online Marketing

As Marketing executive, you're always looking for better ways to communicate your value and your technology.

9slides is changing the way people think about presenting and communicating their important information. As someone managing marketing for your organization, 9slides can be an invaluable tool in reaching your audience with the right information, at the right time.

Learning & Development
Trained employees & partners help improve both top & bottom line multiple devices..
Learning And Development

9slides interactive presentations allow organizations to retain & transfer knowledge amongst the employees, across the company and even outside organization much more effectively.

With increased churn in employment and more and more of geographically distributed teams, 9slides interactive presentations platform plays an important role in capturing information, and delivering it interactively on wide range of devices on-demand.

Flipping the classroom devices..

Cheaper hardware, software and ever-increasing Internet bandwidth speed has change the shape of today’s classroom. 9slides is leveraging all of these factors and have created an online platform, which can help you flip your classroom.

Be it your classroom lecture material, Parent teacher communication or student project, 9slides online platform allows you to create interactive presentations online without any specialized hardware or software.

First row seat to everyone

As an organizer, you intend to create value for your audience, who has attended your event, who intended to attend event, and even those who might be interested in future. 9slides helps you achieve that goal by helping you capturing, and making presentations online for your audience.

9slides intuitive online tools, allows you to convert event presentation into interactive online delivery, which can be watched on wide range of devices on-demand on PC, Mac or even iPad. You can even create new revenue channel from the content you already have.

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